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Planning: Vacation time!

23 June, 2011

Today I put in to take off the time for our Costa Rica trip.  No problem.  I only took 2 days off when we went to New York in the spring, I’m not taking any time off when we are in Iowa for the family reunion.  I plan to work both Thursday and Friday while we are there.  The reunion doesn’t start until Friday night – that should work.

With flights purchased, lodging booked – committing to the time off work seemed like a logical next step.   One more thing checked off the list!


Prep Work: Costa Rica First Aid

20 June, 2011

Over tFirst Aid Kit he weekend I assembled our first aid kit (Botiquin de Primeros Auxilios) for Costa Rica.   Deciding what to take wasn’t much of a challenge, Costa Rica’s 34,000 species of insects meant that in addition to the extra strength insect repellent I already have in our Costa Rica bag, I added Cortaid and AfterBite, the Itch Eraser to the first aid kit.  An abundance of bandages and mole skin for blisters are necessary for the walking and hiking in the rainforest and up the Arenal Volcano.

Our kit also include standard first aid items such as;
Assorted bandages
Gauze pads
Alcohol wipes
Cotton Balls
Cotton Swabs
Safety pins
Bandage tape

Normally I wouldn’t carry over the counter medications other than Advil or Motrin for headaches and minor aches and pains — but I am not sure how readily available things like Pepto and Benadryl will be in Costa Rica, so I included a few tablets of some medications I thought we might need;  Pepto, aspirin, Motrin, Benadryl and anti-diarrhea  medication.  I also included Tate’s favorite  cough drops in case we need it.

I managed to fit all of this into a pouch 3″ x 5″.  Feeling prepared!


Planning: Why Costa Rica?

5 June, 2011

That’s a good question!

I wanted to take the kids on a on vacation out of the country this year, my initial thoughts were of Europe, Ireland or Spain.  But when I talked with the kids they were pushing for a tropical location.  So we started looking.

I am not the lay on the beach, sip fruity cocktails kind of gal…I was looking for some culture.  I started looking in South America, Brazil, Argentina, or Peru when we happened upon this house in Costa Rica.   Called the Jungle House, we fell in love!  It was exactly what we wanted.

I started searching for flights and fully expecting them to be equivalent in price to those I had researched for Europe.   Big surprise, they were 35-40% less.  I got round-trip tickets for just over $500 each!

Finding the Jungle house and low-cost airfare made Costa Rica an easy choice.

We’ve booked the Jungle House for 6 days in Costa Rica.  Can’t wait to nap on the porch.


Planning: New Backpacks

18 May, 2011

When my mom and I went to New York this spring, I took just my backpack and we bopped around from hostel to hostel.  It was very freeing to be able to carry all my luggage hands free.   I had invested in a great medium sized backpack for the trip – it was perfect size and very easy to handle.

For Costa Rica, I want all of us to have our own backpacks.  That will help for packing…if it can’t fit in the backpack, you can’t take it – and this way everyone can carry their own stuff.

Research, research, research….I looked for days to find the “right” backpack at the “right” price.  I ended up finding 2 backpacks the same brand as the one I had purchased for myself earlier in the year, Kelty.  And both under 60 bucks, nice!

Both backpacks have carry handles on the top and front for easy carrying about, a removable waist belt and sternum strap to make wearing the backpacks comfortable.

My Kelty bag was great, so I expect these to work great for the kids.   Collectively we have 163 liters of space to pack – which is 30% more space than a large rolling 29” suitcase.

The backpacks should be here in a couple of weeks!


We are on our way to Costa Rica!