Pre Work: Travel Bag – DONE!

29 June, 2011

Tate has spent days planning her birthday party, which is in a couple of weeks.  She’s having a Carnival themed party.  Carnival games and cotton candy (her Dad bought her a cotton candy machine!), every day is filled with projects.  Painting signs for the games, numbering rubber ducks, and yesterday we started sewing.  Little aprons for the carnival helpers and a small red-and-white awning for the snack bar — to give it that carnival feeling.  So I took advantage of having the sewing machine out and started my bag for the our trip.

I have made this bag before. It is a diaper bag pattern (free!).  The first one I made for the the farmer’s market. I wanted separate compartments for my purchases – so I didn’t need all those little plastic bags and to keep things from sitting on top of each other.  It was perfect for the farmer’s market.   (picture of that one coming later!)

When we were talking about a carry-bag for our trip to Costa Rica, we agreed that the farmer’s market bag would work great.   I guess we could have just taken that bag, but of course we decided to make a new one.  I found some wonderful world map material and was inspired.

I didn’t get much use of the sewing machine during the day while Tate and her friend were working, but by the evening…it just took me a couple hours to finish it off.  I think it looks great!




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