Pre Work: Blackberry Apps

24 June, 2011

I am not planning on taking a laptop on this trip.  Mostly because of the hassle to lug it around, but also to ensure a stress-free vacation.

No laptop means working will be a challenge.  With the type of job I have it is easy to get sucked in to working regardless of where you are or what you’re doing – an email or voice message that compels you to react – and you’re not only distracted but sometimes it causes unnecessary stress.  It is just too easy for people to reach out and sometimes it is hard to stand-by and be quiet while a shit storm is happening back at work.  No laptop means that I will be limited to email responses and quick phone calls – this is a good thing!

My Blackberry is enough to keep me productive and connected all the time.    In preparation of the trip I have researched what I need to make my Blackberry useful while in Costa Rica.  After days of research I have concluded that purchasing a pre-paid SIM card from ICE when we arrive at the airport in San Jose will be the most cost efficient and convenient way to stay connected while we’re in Costa Rica.  Although my data service may be limited in some areas, I can use WiFi at internet cafes and other connect locations.

Today I spent a little time looking for some Blackberry apps to help out while were gone.

I already have some useful apps for travel;

I also wanted a language translator, a checklist manager (for pre-work and reminders for things while on vacation – and maybe other things…), a WiFi locator,

  • For the translator, I found free version of  Navita Translator  (For U$5,99 you can use Navita Translator without our sponsors banners.)  Perfect.  I type in the English word or phrase and it translates it.   There is an audio option, but it very hard to hear and understand.
  • For my checklist manager I am trying out Checklists by Bulbera.  There’s a free trial and then $1.99 after 30-days.
  • I didn’t find a good WiFi locator.  There is one for the iPhone, but nothing of value for the Blackberry.
  • I also found a free currency converter. XE Currency.

I purchased and downloaded a Costa Rica Travel Guide and Field Guide on AmazonKindle to have on my Blackberry – preventing me from lugging books with us.

I am not sure that I have the right translator or checklist application, but  I will try these out for a while and see how they work out.

More pre work completed!


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