Prep Work: Costa Rica First Aid

20 June, 2011

Over tFirst Aid Kit he weekend I assembled our first aid kit (Botiquin de Primeros Auxilios) for Costa Rica.   Deciding what to take wasn’t much of a challenge, Costa Rica’s 34,000 species of insects meant that in addition to the extra strength insect repellent I already have in our Costa Rica bag, I added Cortaid and AfterBite, the Itch Eraser to the first aid kit.  An abundance of bandages and mole skin for blisters are necessary for the walking and hiking in the rainforest and up the Arenal Volcano.

Our kit also include standard first aid items such as;
Assorted bandages
Gauze pads
Alcohol wipes
Cotton Balls
Cotton Swabs
Safety pins
Bandage tape

Normally I wouldn’t carry over the counter medications other than Advil or Motrin for headaches and minor aches and pains — but I am not sure how readily available things like Pepto and Benadryl will be in Costa Rica, so I included a few tablets of some medications I thought we might need;  Pepto, aspirin, Motrin, Benadryl and anti-diarrhea  medication.  I also included Tate’s favorite  cough drops in case we need it.

I managed to fit all of this into a pouch 3″ x 5″.  Feeling prepared!


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