Planning: Why Costa Rica?

5 June, 2011

That’s a good question!

I wanted to take the kids on a on vacation out of the country this year, my initial thoughts were of Europe, Ireland or Spain.  But when I talked with the kids they were pushing for a tropical location.  So we started looking.

I am not the lay on the beach, sip fruity cocktails kind of gal…I was looking for some culture.  I started looking in South America, Brazil, Argentina, or Peru when we happened upon this house in Costa Rica.   Called the Jungle House, we fell in love!  It was exactly what we wanted.

I started searching for flights and fully expecting them to be equivalent in price to those I had researched for Europe.   Big surprise, they were 35-40% less.  I got round-trip tickets for just over $500 each!

Finding the Jungle house and low-cost airfare made Costa Rica an easy choice.

We’ve booked the Jungle House for 6 days in Costa Rica.  Can’t wait to nap on the porch.


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