Planning: New Backpacks

18 May, 2011

When my mom and I went to New York this spring, I took just my backpack and we bopped around from hostel to hostel.  It was very freeing to be able to carry all my luggage hands free.   I had invested in a great medium sized backpack for the trip – it was perfect size and very easy to handle.

For Costa Rica, I want all of us to have our own backpacks.  That will help for packing…if it can’t fit in the backpack, you can’t take it – and this way everyone can carry their own stuff.

Research, research, research….I looked for days to find the “right” backpack at the “right” price.  I ended up finding 2 backpacks the same brand as the one I had purchased for myself earlier in the year, Kelty.  And both under 60 bucks, nice!

Both backpacks have carry handles on the top and front for easy carrying about, a removable waist belt and sternum strap to make wearing the backpacks comfortable.

My Kelty bag was great, so I expect these to work great for the kids.   Collectively we have 163 liters of space to pack – which is 30% more space than a large rolling 29” suitcase.

The backpacks should be here in a couple of weeks!


We are on our way to Costa Rica!




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